MFA Farmers Co-Op Assoc-Salem

1301 E 32 Hwy.
Salem, MO 65560
Phone: 573-729-6614
Green Spot Garden Center: 573-729-6869
Fax: 573-729-7395

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday
8:00 AM – 5:30 PM

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Holidays We Are Closed:

  • Christmas Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Thanksgiving Day

Areas Served:

  • Boss, MO
  • Bunker, MO
  • Cherryville & Davisville, MO
  • Licking, MO
  • Rolla Fort Leonard Wood,
    MO (Metro)
  • Salem, MO
  • Steelvillle, MO

Locally Owned Salem Farmers’ Cooperative

Our locally owned Salem cooperative, MFA Farmers Co-Op Assoc-Salem in Salem, MO is a contributor to livestock events and offers a diverse range of agricultural services including feed and product delivery as well as spreading fertilizer and lime. We also help you with feeding practices, custom mixes, raising livestock and pets and weed control. Our cooperative is owned by patrons, our customers. MFA is dedicated to serving our community with the best quality farm equipment, farm supplies and services.
MFA employs 15 fulltime employees and six to 15 part-time employees, depending on the season.
Current MFA manager Marianne Skiles said in recent years MFA has added new suppliers of clothing apparel, pet products, cattle handling equipment, plus Green Spot Lawn & Garden Center, to name a few additions.
“We’ve been successful because we have been meeting the needs of the community and the people who live here,” Skiles said.
Skiles started with MFA as an assistant manager in 1981 and became the manager in 1995.
One of the best things about MFA, according to Skiles, is its relationship with the community. We are here as a cooperative to meet the needs and provide needed services for the community and surrounding area. It’s been a good run for both, she said.

Some Examples Are:

  • MFA’s Sales Since 1994 Have Totaled $75.7 Million.
  • MFA Has Paid Out In Equity To Its Members $144,783 Since 1994.
  • MFA And MFA Foundation Provide Two Scholarships For Local High Schools Each Year. These scholarships are $2000.00 annually.
  • MFA Is A Contributor To Many 4-H And FFA Livestock Events And A Sponsor Of Beef Days and the Livestock Expo.
Skiles said MFA has come a long way since it was first established in 1932, 82 years ago, with only $1,200 in capital. An 80-year celebration was held, including an open house and special awards presented at its annual meeting on October 25. Brian Griffith, MFA Inc., senior vice president, presented Dennis Purcell, president of the board, with a plaque commemorating 80 years of successfully serving farmers, ranchers and the community. Current board members are Purcell, Andrew Curley, Hershel Moser, Steve Wulff, Lance Hasten and Roger Schafer.

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